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Cyber Liability in Alexandria, MN & St. Cloud, MN

Protecting Businesses in Alexandria and throughout Minnesota from Cyber Liability Issues

Hacking, lost smartphones, and system damage can all lead to data compromise, which is one of the biggest risks that most business today face.  Data compromise can occur at any time, and it’s somewhat out of the control of companies.  For these reasons and others, businesses of all kinds need protection, and insurance provides the best means for getting this protection. 

At Dilley Zimny Insurance we have a comprehensive cyber liability insurance program through which we write effective and cost-efficient solutions.  We have access to many markets and we’re experienced, so we can not only give you best insurance possible but we can also give the finest experiences. 

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Details

If data is lost, stolen, or compromised, the costs of response and remediation can be high.  Cyber liability insurance protects against the costs of data compromise, and this means that whether you face the costs of system recovery, notification expenses, or regulatory fines, you’ll be covered. 

Cyber liability insurance can be written as a standalone policy or as an endorsement.  We’ll work with you in order to determine which option is best for your business.  Once we determine which option is right, we’ll create the best possible solution.  This solution will cover any and all of the risks listed below.

  • Loss or corruption of data
  • Business interruption
  • Various liabilities
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber extortion
  • Reputation recovery

If you believe that you might at any point face any of the above risks, contact us and we’ll get you started on a cyber liability policy or endorsement.

Knowledgeable Agents protecting your Business

There are important distinctions to make between cyber liability insurance and other types of insurance.  For example, cyber liability is not technology E&O, which protects providers of technology products and services.  We’ll help you understand all of the elements of cyber liability insurance, and we’ll provide you with coverage for this type of insurance that makes it easier for your business to stay secure.

We support our clients fully, which means that we intervene in claims if necessary.  If we do intervene on your behalf, we’ll work with insurance companies in order to get you what you deserve.

Contact us or give us a call today.  You can start on a policy by requesting a quote.

Additional Cyber Liability Insurance Information:

We’re proud to provide cyber liability insurance in Alexandria, St. Cloud, Glenwood, Wadena, Sauk Centre, and New London, Minnesota. We also serve other areas in the state.