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Risk Management in Alexandria, MN & St. Cloud, MN

Zimny Insurance Agency's Safety Assistance Program

Want to get in compliance with OSHA standards?

Want to eliminate workplace injuries?

Want to reduce workers compensation insurance premiums?


  1. Our Safety Specialist, Kevin Schutz, will come to your site and look at your operation.  This visit will include a walk through, looking at safety records, a review of what is required for the type of work you do; and a discussion of how to move forward efficiently and with minimal cost.
  1. Starting immediately our Safety Specialist will be available to you to call to ask questions whenever you need assistance. 
  1. After the site visit you will receive a customized Safety Program ring binder specific to your workplace.  This ring binder will include your AWAIR Plan; two additional OSHA required written plans (Employee Right to Know, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, Lockout Tagout etc.); a Cell Phone Policy; and a Return to Work Procedure.

Client Benefits:

  1.  You will know what is required by OSHA for your workplace
  2. Rather than trying to decipher what is on the internet, you will be able to talk with someone in person
  3. You will begin to reduce risks that could end up being costly
  4. You will be in a better position should you have an OSHA inspection



Through risk management the team at Zimny Insurance Agency can identify, assess and prioritize risk related actions in a business.  These steps help mitigate risks that can disrupt a business.  Our loss control strategies can maintain or create a workplace culture that will reduce losses and control insurance premiums. 

Loss Control Strategies:

  • OSHA Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARPS)
  • Implement and maintain a proper return-to-work program
  • Create the best hiring practices
  • Fleet safety/driver selection
  • Occupational Health
  • Ergonomics survey
  • Develop lock-out & tag-out procedures
  • Forklift safety
  • Air quality testing
  • MSDS Management
  • Mock OSHA surveys
  • OSHA Grants
  • Educational Seminars